Regarding the Basic - Professional and Dedicated Servers, if there is any problem, please report the problem in the following format so that our colleagues can check it and fix the problem.


For a better and faster response, please log in to your user area and create a New Ticket


1- Please follow & filling out the Ticket for complaints to be like :

1-1-Country: This should be the country you are viewing from

1-2-Device & App: Needed

1-3-Internet Type (ADSL or Fiber) and Speed & ISP Name : Needed for all quality issues

1-4-Channel Name & Describe issue : The exact channel name from your viewing list -Channel numbers are not needed


* if you don't follow the format above , your ticket will be incomplete & ignored from the support .


2- we are receiving fake reports lately , so be care before reporting & note that support here are responsable only for Basic - Professional and Dedicated IPTV Services .


3- We have three departments (Sales-Support-Accounting and Voice of Customers).

3-1-To follow the test subscription and purchase subscription from the sales department

3-2-For follow-up technical problems and guidance before using the support department

3-3-To track payments and receive billing information prior to payment from the accounting department

3-4-You can create a new ticket and follow up to send your criticisms-suggestions and opinions about the staff and servers, request to add new videos and channels and talk directly with the management team and the voice of customers department.


4- Supports trying to do our best to fix any issue reported , but kindly we ask reports to double check reports before delievring it to team , otherwise your ticket will be ignored & closed .


5- Trial for 24 hours is available in most of time except weekend & events days .


6-Explanation of the types of services provided in MainIPTV

6-1-The Basic service of Mainiptv company is a family service and we do not provide adult content in this service.(you can test 24h)

6-2-The Professional service of Mainiptv company is a family and adult service and we do provide adult content in this service. ( you can disable adult content)(you can test 24h)

6-3-The Didecated service of Mainiptv company is a family and adult service and we do provide adult content in this service. ( you can disable adult content)(we dont have Test in this server - Just for Sell)


7- VOD's and Channels addition It is being done every day, who has a suggestion & request are welcome.


8- Restream / Reshare is not allowed, if the system detects any attempt of restreaming the users will be banned immediately & if it is repeated panel will be disabled. without refund.


9- We advise the reseller or sub-seller to create users with a random user & password to protect it + lock it with the real country of your customer, easy users & smaller ones are not accepted & can be removed without a refund.


10- Supports Language ( Only English for now ).


Sunday, December 17, 2023

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